The easy and clear way to time any debate. For iPhone & iPad.

Why not just use a stopwatch (app)?

Unlike a stopwatch, Timekept knows exactly how long your speech should be and provides clear color cues as well as optional sound and vibration alerts. If speaking: your time is much easier to read at a glance. If judging: you'll never miss a clap/bell again.

Among other features it will keep your screen unlocked so you can always check how much time is left.

What formats do you support?
  • Worldwide styles such as British Parliamentary, Australs, and World Schools.
  • USA styles such as Public Policy, Public Forum, IPDA, Karl Popper, Lincoln Douglas, and American Parliamentary.
  • Australasian styles such as Asian Parliamentary, Easters, Thropy, and Joynt Scroll.
  • Canadian Parliamentary and it's variations.
  • Some other regional styles such as OPD & Irish Times. Get in touch if your style is not supported!
How much does the app cost?

Approximately $1 USD in your local currency; primarily because having an app on the store entails an annual cost and secondarily because making and maintaining a good app takes a great deal of time.

If you are in a country — or are too young — to have an App Store account with credit, let me know via the Support link below and I can probably send you a promotional code.